Our Crew Management

  • Myanmar crews are in great demand in the shipping industry for decades and the reason is quite obvious.
  • Myanmar seamen are well trained in institute of Marine Technology (I.M.T) and Myanmar Marine University (M.M.U) of Ministry of Transport. They are hardworking and highly proficient.
  • Our basic philosophy is to provide educated, efficient, well discipline and skilled crews in international standard.

Our Company Policy

The following policies are laid down in selecting officers and crews for our principals.

  • All candidates completed training courses offered by Dept. of Marine Administration (D.M.A) for the respective positions and ranks.
  • All candidates must possess genuine certificates.
  • Seaman books are checked for sea time and experience on the type of vessels for that they are to be hired by Principals.
  • Completion of contract time, obedience to senior officers, good relationship with the following crews are a must.

Crew Selection

  • Based upon the laid on policy of above, our team of experience Master and engineer who have more than a decade of crew manning experiences, selected suitable candidates. We choose the best for our principals.

Documents and Certificates

  • Docs and Certificates are verified if they are genuine and comply with I.M.O and STCW 95 as amended and ISM Code. Docs and Certificates are to be valid at least one year of the term of Contract.

All types of vessels

  • We have in our register, a good choice of licensed seafarers for product tanker, gas and chemical tankers.
  • We also have seafarer with experience for reefer vessels, container vessels, passenger ships, fisheries vessels and general cargo ships.
  • According to princioal’s request and requirement, we can supply complete, partial or single crew form the rank of Mess boy, ordinary seaman, to Master and Chief Engineers for all type of vessels.

Pre-employment Medical Examination

  • Seafarers must have a medical clearance from medical Centre’s accredited by Department of Marine Administration and thorough medical checkup by company Doctor before joining ship.

Our Services & Our Intention

  •  We are expanding our services of supplying suitable Crews for hotel, food and Beverage Department on Cruise Vessels.
  •  We will provide our principals , a long term man power pool of qualified officers, engineers crew and highly disciplined hotel, food and beverage Crews.
  •  We intend to create log lasting successful business relationship with foreign crew recruiting and manning companies. At the same time we will develop highly qualified Myanmar seafarers with respectable international standard of quality and professional skill.