• Enjoy Pacific Company was established since 1994.It is a leading house representing crewmanagement and supplying Myanmar seafarers to shipping industry around the world.
  • Our company is officially registered with the Department of Marine Administration (D.M.A) and approved by it.
  • We supply Myanmar seafarers, officers, engineers, high disciplined hotel, food beverage Crews under the guidance and supervision of Seaman Employment Control Division (S.E.C.D) of department of marine administration (D.M.A), ministry of transport.

Crew Managing Service

Myanmar crews are in great demand in the shipping industry for decades and the reason is quite obvious.Myanmar seamen are well trained in institute of Marine Technology (I.M.T) and Myanmar Marine University (M.M.U) of Ministry of Transport. They are hardworking and highly proficient.

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Supervisory or Protective Agent

We fully understand that TIME is MONEY for ship-owners/ charaterers alike, who hired ships and its time for transport of Cargo. We take keen interested in the fact that charterer of a vessel is paying for every minute of time of hire of the ship.


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Our company is well known not only as recruiting agency house but also reputed as shipping agents conducting as a supervisory or protective agency to ships calling Yangon Port rendering our services up to the complete satisfaction of our Principals.

Hot Line : +959-250283698, +959-73188531